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Can I move my broadband when I move house?

Can I move my broadband when I move house?

Are you moving house? Broadband might not be at the forefront of your mind, but imagine getting there and there’s no wifi… How would you cope?! Not to worry, here’s how to transfer or order broadband before moving in, so you won’t be living in the dark ages on move-in day. 

Check the broadband coverage at your new address

When you’re moving home, broadband is something you need to consider taking with you. You may not think of transferring it initially, since there’s such a large list of items that you’ll need to pack. But you mustn’t forget about your broadband needs ahead of moving.

Making sure you have the right broadband for your new address is important, as some broadband providers aren’t available in every area, and the ones that are available can differ in terms of speeds.

It may be that you want to switch, in which case, websites like Uswitch can be useful in helping you choose the right broadband provider. It shows you which providers will give you the strongest signals and fastest speeds at your new address, as well as price comparison. 

Can I move my broadband when I move house?

If you’re moving house, a broadband connection should be ready to go. Can you get broadband before you’ve moved in? Absolutely! You can set up your broadband before you move in either online through the providers’ website, or on the phone.

Moving broadband between homes is easy when you know how. Just give your broadband provider the date you wish to start your contract from (and all the other important bits of information) and, providing you’ve managed to cancel your old contract, you’re done!

But bear in mind that if your provider has to set up your broadband at your new address, you may have to pay a fee.

Can I cancel my broadband when moving home?

Now, this is the tricky part. You can cancel your broadband contract at any time, but many providers will require an early cancellation fee if you’re still within a certain commitment period.

Cancellation fees will vary from provider to provider, but if you’re outside of your commitment period or have a flexible rolling contract, you may be lucky enough to not have to pay one. You’ll typically need to give your provider at least 30 days’ notice of any cancellation, so it’s usually best to let your provider know you’re leaving a month or more before you move out.

Can I transfer my broadband to another address?

So, you have a good deal, and you like your current provider, but can you box up your broadband like everything else? Well, it is possible to transfer your broadband to another address, but first, you need to check if your provider is available at the new address. If so, then most providers will allow you to move your connection.

When moving broadband to a new house, just be aware. Because you could be charged a small fee for transferring to a new address, or potentially be asked to take out a new or different contract. If you’re asked to take out a new contract, it’s not the end of the world, as this allows you to find the best possible contract and deal for you.

When should I order broadband for a new home? 

Moving house and broadband connection – these are two things that should go hand in hand, so ensure you’re well prepared before picking up your keys. And it’s important to know when to order your broadband to your new home.

You should contact your chosen broadband provider at least two weeks before you move in, as this gives them time to make the arrangements needed for set up, especially if there are any installations required. With Hyperoptic, you can order up to 90 days in advance and lock in any deal available at the time, before arranging to get online from the day you move in.

Move to epic reliability…

Moving is stressful enough. Make your broadband simple by switching to Hyperoptic, giving you a hyperfast connection that has epic reliability! See if we’re available at your new home!

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