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Gigabit Broadband Now Available In Cardiff

September 18, 2014

Residents in Hayes Apartments, which sits above the iconic St David's shopping centre in Cardiff, will be the first consumers in Wales to enjoy gigabit broadband, the fastest broadband speed in the UK. Hyperoptic, the UK's leading fibre-to-the-home provider, has provided the service. Hyperoptic installs fibre directly into property developments, which enables lightening-fast symmetrical gigabit (1,000Mbps) broadband speeds. The company announced that it would be coming to Cardiff in February and has prioritized installation in buildings where there is most demand. A large number of residents in Hayes Apartments had registered interest. Once installation with St. David's Partnership, a joint venture between Land Securities and Intu, had been agreed, Hyperoptic laid the fibre and networked the flats within three months. Cardiff City Council welcomes and supports the launch of Hyperoptic in Wales. Ken Poole, Head of Economic Development, City of Cardiff, adds: "We are always looking for businesses that will add to the competitiveness and growth of Cardiff. Hyperoptic will be investing £4million in broadband infrastructure in Cardiff over the next five years – supporting our local economy as well as providing a service that is miles ahead of the competition. I strongly advise residents to get behind it, the more demand we can demonstrate the faster the rollout will be." Dana Tobak, Managing Director, Hyperoptic: "Cardiff is a key city for Hyperoptic, and we have been really encouraged by the demand and interest shown by Cardiff residents. We are committed to giving residents in Cardiff a broadband service that they can depend upon, in terms of speed and online experience." Marc Cole, Resident, Hayes Apartments: "I have been counting down the days to getting hyperfast connectivity from Hyperoptic. It just knocks the socks off the competition and means that I don't have to compromise my personal and professional online needs. One thing's for sure - now that I have the fastest broadband in the UK, I won't be moving elsewhere for a very long time!"


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