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Liverpool Becomes Latest UK Gigabit City

April 7, 2015

Consumers in Liverpool can now enjoy gigabit broadband services, the fastest fibre broadband speeds in the UK, thanks to Hyperoptic, the UK’s leading Fibre-to-the-Building (FTTB) broadband provider.

Services are already live across five developments in the city including: Hamilton House, Waterloo Warehouse, The Reach and X Building; and will soon be launching in Wapping Quay, Kings Dock Mill, Princes Dock and City Quay. There are also a further 16 developments undergoing installation. Hyperoptic is committed to extend its footprint across the length and breadth of the city by the time the year is out.

According to Ofcom, the average broadband speed in Liverpool is 19.3Mbps. Hyperoptic is providing a step-change in connectivity, giving city centre residents access to symmetrical gigabit speeds, which equates to 1,000Mbps – an eye-watering 50X faster.

Tim Huxtable, National Team Manager, Hyperoptic, adds: “Hyperoptic is revolutionising broadband in Liverpool. We are investing millions in telecoms infrastructure to extend our footprint. The reception to our services has been phenomenal – the difference in experience is like chalk and cheese – with 19.3Mbps, a 50GB game would take over seven hours to download, but less than seven minutes with our gigabit connection.”

Unlike other broadband providers, Hyperoptic installs fibre directly into a development, enabling symmetric gigabit FTTB broadband services. Other broadband providers claim to offer “fibre” broadband, but the fibre actually stops at the “cabinet” (Fibre-to-the-Cabinet).  The consumer still receives their broadband through copper phone wires, which is why a consumer doesn't get the advertised speeds, and the service is subject to distance attenuation, peak-time slow-downs and discrepancies between upload and download speeds.

Hyperoptic focuses on bringing its services into developments with 50 or more units. Installations are prioritised in buildings where there is greatest demand from the freeholder and residents. Once at least ten per cent of residents have registered interest, Hyperoptic works with building management to arrange installation. Prices start as low as £4.00 a month[1]; and broadband only services are also available.

Welcoming Hyperoptic to the city, Mayor of Liverpool, Joe Anderson, said: “This is tremendous news. Hyperoptic’s offer helps transform us into a truly ‘Gig City’ and gives Liverpool a massive competitive edge. We want to grow the scale and breadth of businesses in the digital sector and improving broadband speeds is essential in allowing that to happen. It’s also the foundation for successful home-working and enabling the people of Liverpool to enjoy the best of what true fibre speeds have to offer.

“When we think of key utilities like water, gas and electricity we should also now think of superfast broadband. It’s an essential building-block in growing businesses and attracting new investment into the city as well as improving and future proofing the online lives of all.”  

Resident, The Reach: “As soon as I knew that my building was eligible for Fibre-to-the-Building I immediately set to work contacting my building manager and other residents to expedite the installation. I work in IT I could immediately understand the potential - forget regular, fast or superfast, Hyperoptic offer ultra and hyperfast broadband. It’s faster and easier to work from my home than the office; forget waiting for files to down/ upload and the VPN connection failing.

“Plus entertainment has become more entertaining - I can download full HD movies in seconds and entire box sets in minutes. Because the upload speed matches the download I can now use my home media server wherever I’m located – away on business or holiday – to watch my downloaded content. No doubt I’ve increased my apartment’s desirability and market value, but there is no way I’m moving away from the (hyper) fast lane– unless it’s to a another Hyperoptic connected up property!”

[1] Based on a customer taking phone service with a £16.00 line rental, including free UK evening and weekend calls


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