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Sheffield Joins UK Gigabit Cities

November 23, 2015

Gigabit broadband is now live in Sheffield. Two developments in the centre of Sheffield, Pearl Works and Mandale House, are the first to offer residents symmetrical gigabit broadband - 1,000Mbps - over 135 times faster than traditional ASDL services.

Hyperoptic, the UK’s leading Fibre-to-the-Premises (FTTP) broadband provider, has enabled the connectivity. A number of other developments are also undergoing installation and Hyperoptic is aiming to have many more connected by the end of the year.

Hyperoptic enables its lightning fast broadband speeds by installing its fibre all the way into the development. Other broadband providers only run fibre to the green box at the end of the street (Fibre-to-the-Cabinet), which is why customers can only get a maximum of 72Mbps, but in reality get even lower than that, as well as peak-time slowdowns, buffering and frustrating timeouts.

Currently the average broadband speed in Sheffield is 15.4Mbps, significantly lower than the UK average speed of 22.8Mbps. The arrival of gigabit broadband from Hyperoptic signals a step-change in connectivity for the city; giving consumers and businesses alike the ability to use the Internet without compromise for the first time.

Tim Huxtable, National Team Manager, Hyperoptic, comments: “We announced last October that we had chosen Sheffield as one of our first hyper-cities. Since then we have been working hard implementing the infrastructure and engaging developers and building owners to schedule installation. We have experienced amazing demand from the residents of Sheffield so we are thrilled to be satisfying it and bringing them world-class broadband speeds. Sheffield is a strategic city for Hyperoptic; we will be investing millions over the next couple of years.”

Hyperoptic focuses on bringing its services into developments with 50 or more units. Installations are prioritised in buildings where there is greatest demand from the freeholder and residents. It offers a range of residential packages, including competitive broadband and landline packages, broadband only services and contract free options. Hyperoptic also has a range market-leading business propositions, including offering leased lines, shared leased lines and business broadband products.

Cllr Leigh Bramall, Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Business, Skills and Development at Sheffield City Council, adds: “We welcome Hyperoptic to Sheffield – the importance of the fastest possible broadband connections are essential to enable Sheffield to be able to compete with businesses in other cities in this country and abroad. More people are now working from home and fast broadband is something that we would like to see introduced right across the city as soon as practically possible.”


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