Broadband is history.
Hyperoptic is the future.

Hyperoptic is the UK's new full-fibre provider, set to break the speed barrier with 1 gig downloads. To put this glorious revolution in perspective, that's 10 times faster than the nearest major competitor and 140 times faster than the UK average (just 7 meg).

By connecting your office or residence directly to our light-speed cabling, and not spoiling your connection with copper wires from the cabinet outside, we create a hyperspace that beams consistent revolutionary speed to everyone inside.

Any fibre service that compromises with copper to your building is still, in our view, just broadband. Hyperoptic's real fibre-to-your-premises network delivers the next quantum leap in online connection: it's an even bigger jump than dial-up to broadband.

Hyperoptic not only unleashes the full power of internet-based services today (HD streaming TV, cloud-based computing, instantaneous downloads, remote work from home) but creates the internet platform for technologies of the future.

Fibre all the way

How can we be sure?
We've done it before.

The same team that are launching Hyperoptic created the UK's breakthrough broadband provider Be Un limited in 2005. With its full fibre-to-the-exchange network Be broke the upload and download speed limits, won countless awards (including Which? ISP and PC Advisor "Best Buy" year after year) and provided a 24/7 free customer support service that is still winning awards to this day.