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17 March 2021
Hyperoptic Team

The best online workout classes to try

From HIIT, to strength training, to blissed out yoga, there are a wealth of ways to get your sweat on while gyms are closed and we’re all at home.

Whatever your fitness vibe – and budget – here are 6 of the best online workout classes to try: free and subscription-based.

Yoga with Adriene 

The OG of online yoga workouts. Who hasn’t tried Yoga with Adriene at some point this past year? With millions of subscribers around the globe, Adriene Mishler’s free YouTube yoga practices have taken the world by storm. Try one of her 30-day challenges, spend time working on your flow with one of her themed videos or, if you’re pushed for time, relax with one of her shorter under 10-minute yoga practices. Namaste! 

The Body Coach – Joe Wicks 

One of the heroes of lockdown, Joe Wicks, got us all off the sofa and through 2020 with his high energy livestreamed workouts, PE with Joe. Whilst he may have retired the PE with Joe moniker for the time being, you can still catch his previous PE sessions for free on YouTube. Otherwise, his Body Coach app (£14.99 per month, iOS store) is filled with workouts, bootcamps, and monthly challenges to scratch that home workout itch, as well as a raft of meal ideas. 

Frame Online 

London-based boutique gym network Frame adapted very quickly during lockdown to get their classes online. Over the year, Frame Online (prices from £6 per month) has evolved into a fully-fledged online home workout destination, with something for everyone – including both livestreamed classes and workouts on-demand. So whatever your style, from themed Britney Barre or 80s aerobics, to flat-friendly cardio, strength training or maybe even rebounding (get that dusty mini trampoline out!), you’re sure to find something to, as Frame say, feel those indoorphins.   

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My Wellbeing – Nuffield Health 

When it comes to free home workout apps, the Nuffield Health My Wellbeing app is a game changer. Available free to both members and non-members of the national gym network, the Nuffield Health 24/7 app gives you access to more than 100 online workouts for the whole family, including a Covid-19 Recovery series for improving strength and mobility. Plus, with GPS integration for your fitness watch, you can also track your outdoor movement when you fancy some fresh air.  

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With online ‘studios’ called Cardio, Strength, and Rebalance, FIIT (prices from £10 per month) most certainly has an online workout class for you. The fitness app has a diverse range of trainers, so you can stick with a training style you like, or try something different every day to mix it up. If you’ve got a competitive streak, you can also sync up your fitness watch and see your stats on the live leaderboard as you sweat. 

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NHS Fitness Studio  

The NHS Fitness Studio has a series of great one-off free workouts and online fitness programs that can be done by anyone of any age and fitness level. These cover everything from aerobics, to belly dancing, to one of the best online fitness programmes for beginners around: the renowned Couch to 5K training program.  

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