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11 February 2021
Hyperoptic Team

What you need to know about our new business-grade router

Exclusive to Hyperoptic in the UK and optimised for our full fibre network, the Nokia Hyperhub is our best ever router for businesses – offering a faster, stronger connection.

We know that sometimes router talk can get a little too technical. So we’re going to run through the key features of this business-grade router and break down what they actually mean for your day-to-day.

Made for today’s businesses

The Nokia Hyperhub is perfectly matched to the needs of the modern business. Nowadays, even smaller organisations are relying on digital processes and will have many devices connected to wifi at once.

Consider sectors like retail, hospitality, hair and beauty, or healthcare. Such businesses may have a range of devices connected to their on-premises wifi simultaneously, including:

  • PCs and laptops used for daily admin and management

  • the devices of guests and/or customers

  • digital payment systems

  • televisions streaming live events

Then there’s office broadband. Even a small-to-mid-size office will often need the following devices to be connected to wifi at the same time:

  • employees’ work and personal devices

  • in-office televisions and/or speaker systems

  • VoIP phones

Businesses need a fast connection to stay productive throughout the day and keep customers and visitors happy. But they also need the connection to all these devices to be intelligently directed over the right channel and band for rock-solid reliability.

That’s where having the right router becomes key. Our business-grade router delivers on all fronts, starting with its dual frequencies.

Dual-band for better performance 

The Nokia Hyperhub offers 2 wireless frequency bands: 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. What does this mean for your organisation? Well for a start, having multiple bands on a router increases wifi efficiency. The optimal speed on a dual-band router can often be over double that of a single-band 2.4 GHz router.

Perhaps you want to run two separate wifi networks (or SSIDs) in your business so that you can connect customers to one and employees to the other. A dual-band router also allows you to split out the bands in your settings and create two distinct networks, one running on the 2.4 GHz band and the other on the 5 GHz band. This gives you the freedom to set up different passwords for employees and customers. And with our dedicated business support team on hand from 9am to 9pm, seven days a week, you won’t have to worry about the technical ins-and-outs either.

Automatic band steering for channel optimisation

Another key feature of our business-grade router is that your band is automatically selected to provide the best speeds possible. This is called band steering.

Band steering encourages dual-band devices – which include most modern PCs, laptops, and smartphones ­­– to use the less crowded 5 GHz channel. This leaves the more congested 2.4 GHz channel free for legacy devices, sensors, and IoT devices.

By pushing users towards the 5 GHz channel, band steering results in better wifi performance. There’s far less interference from other sources (including neighbouring wifi networks) and channel utilisation is optimised. This is especially handy for high-density environments like office spaces, or businesses with heavy footfall where many people are connected to wifi at once.

Put simply, automatic band steering means your business employees, visitors, and customers can always access the best speed by avoiding channel interference.

Gigabit-capable speeds to keep pace with business

Band steering isn’t the only way the Nokia Hyperhub can ensure your business is always connected. With Hyperoptic, fibre optic cables connect the exchange directly to your business premises, delivering hyperfast broadband that’s speedier and more reliable than copper cable connections. Our business-grade router helps you make the most of full fibre connectivity by being gigabit-capable with a wired connection. This means you can achieve up to 1,000Mbps upload and download speeds – enough to power through even the busiest days!

More wifi antennas for a more reliable connection

Reliability is just as important as speed for a great business connection. In a busy working environment, you don’t want multiple devices duking it out over high-speed bandwidth. That way, nobody wins!

The Nokia Hyperhub combats this by offering 4×4 MU-MIMO (multi-user, multiple input, multiple output) support on its 5 GHz band. 

MU-MIMO can be considered a wifi go-between. It divides the available bandwidth on your network into streams that all share the connection equally. Supporting 4×4 MU-MIMO means the Hyperhub can provide 4 simultaneous bandwidth streams. More devices can connect at once – all at the same speed.

(For comparison, the equivalent routers from Vodafone, Virgin Media and Talk Talk offer 3×3 MU-MIMO support. So you’re getting an entire additional stream with us!)

VoIP support to make your business heard

The Nokia Hyperhub also supports VoIP phone systems. VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. It allows users to make phone calls using an internet connection, as opposed to the traditional phone line.

VoIP has quickly become attractive to businesses as a consistent and future-proof way to communicate, while removing many of the costs associated with conventional telecoms. But it requires a VoIP-compatible router. This is another area where going business grade with Hyperoptic will benefit you. The VoIP capability on our business-grade router makes it easy to roll out a top-class telecom system for better communication with clients, customers, and remote colleagues.

The Nokia Hyperhub: Best for business

It should be clear how our business-grade router can support you through any workday. But let’s paint a quick picture of what two businesses using this router would look like.

First, the retail business that offers on-premise wifi to customers. The Nokia Hyperhub’s dual-band frequency will connect those customers to a reliable, secure guest network. Its automatic band steering will keep them satisfied by delivering the best speeds possible during their visit. 4×4 MU-MIMO support and wired gigabit capability mean that, even at peak times, everybody has access to fast, free wifi. The router unlocks the speed and reliability that enables seamless digital payments, crystal-clear CCTV, and easier admin.

For the office, the Nokia Hyperhub means the entire on-premise workforce can video conference, stream webinars, download email attachments, and upload large files using cloud storage – all at once. The router’s automatic band steering and VoIP support means employees can make the best impression on every interaction with clients, partners, or customers.

Across sectors, this router helps businesses take advantage of cutting-edge cloud services, speed up processes, and future-proof operations with a connection that stays reliable.

Our business-grade router isn’t the only thing making us the UK’s best business broadband provider. Find out more about how Hyperoptic works harder for you.

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