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Out of this world entertainment

Transform your nights in with full fibre

Out of this world entertainment

Transform your nights in with full fibre

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Unbundle yourself and be free

With so much incredible TV and film out there, it’s important to know you’re getting value for money from your entertainment services.

If yours is bundled in with your broadband, have you considered whether you’re actually paying over the odds?

It may seem easier to have a ‘one-stop-shop’ when it comes to your broadband and entertainment, but it’s not always the best value option.

Unbundle yourself Unbundle yourself

Best of both worlds

Our service works with everything. So if your entertainment is (or can be) unbundled, then you can still keep up with all your favourites – whether they come from Virgin, Sky or BT, or subscriptions like Netflix, Amazon Prime and Now TV.

We focus entirely on your connection, so you know you’re getting the best possible speed and reliability for your money.

What you save on bundled add-ons, you can spend on exactly what you want.

entertainment entertainment

Paying over the odds?

Think about how much you’re paying your supplier for multiple services and look at what you could save by splitting it out. And check for extras that you might not want or need, but are stuck paying for because they come with the package.

Of course, you may just notice that the streaming and downloading goes a little smoother with us. We’re talking “I’m just downloading Game of Thr… oh! All done.”

Hyperfast not hyperexpensive Hyperfast not hyperexpensive

Hyperfast doesn’t mean hyperexpensive

Last updated:
The speeds we’re comparing above are those available to respective providers’ customers. Please bear in mind that some of our competitors do also offer 1Gb packages, but they’re only available to a limited group of their customers whereas our 1Gb package is available to the majority of our customers. Average speed of 900Mbps on our 1Gb package requires a wired connection to the router.
†BT introduced new “Homebuyers” offer for 150Mb, 500Mb and 900Mb packages, offer includes paying for the first 5 months 50% of the full price for these packages, which is £34.99, £44.99, and £54.99 respectively. The weighted average price was used as an approximation price for these deals.

(Down)Loads faster

Hyperfast broadband means hyperfast downloads. Even if you forget until the last minute, you can sort all your entertainment super speedily, with none of the stress.

Here’s what we mean…


Fancy watching your favourites again from the beginning?

With 150Mbps, you can download the first episode of Homeland in under two minutes


Want to load up your library?

With 1Gb (average speeds 900Mbps), you can download all seven Harry Potter films in 6 and a half minutes


Ready to up your game?

With 1Gb (average speeds 900Mbps), you can download Battlefield 4 in just over four and a half minutes

Unbundle yourself and be free

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