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Full Fibre Broadband

Why full fibre matters when it comes to broadband

Full Fibre Broadband

Why full fibre matters when it comes to broadband

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What is full fibre broadband?

It’s broadband delivered using fibre optic cabling, which allows data to travel through tiny tubes at the speed of light. Whoosh!

Fibre cabling is also immune to electromagnetic interference, which means not only is fibre broadband hyperfast, it’s also mega reliable.

What is full fibre What is full fibre

Not all “fibre” is created equal

You’ve probably heard about the “fibre” service lots of broadband providers now claim to offer. But beware – some providers’ fibre service actually stops at the street cabinet, which means it’s copper phone lines the rest of the way.

This is called fibre-to-the-cabinet (FTTC) and, depending on how far you live from the cabinet, it can cause frustrating drops in service – majorly impacting your broadband experience.

Not all fiber is equal Not all fiber is equal

Full fibre vs standard broadband

Traditionally, standard broadband (known as ADSL) is delivered using existing copper phone lines, which can cause frustrating drops in service and is generally much slower. Average speeds can be around 10-11Mbps, depending on the provider.

Fibre is much faster. Full fibre even more so! If you’re looking for the best speed and reliability, full fibre is the obvious choice.

The real deal

We only deal in full fibre broadband, which means we bring that fibre goodness all the way to your building. Our built-for-purpose network bypasses those street cabinets, so you get the full speed and power from the exchange.

It’s called fibre-to-the-premises (FTTP) or fibre-to-the-building (FTTB) and, when it comes to fast, reliable broadband, our connection is king.

Why is our home connection so good Why is our home connection so good

Advantages of full fibre

It all depends on how fast you decide to go, but with a 1Gb full fibre connection (average speed 900Mbps), you could:


Download a TV episode in 20 seconds


Download an entire film in 45 seconds


Upload 100 high-res photos in less than 3 seconds

Don’t know your Mbps from your Gb? We’ve got you covered.

Hyperfast, not hyperexpensive

The benefits of full fibre speak for themselves – and it costs less than you’d think. In fact, switching to full fibre can actually save you money.

With monthly rolling options and Broadband Only or Broadband & Phone packages, you can tailor your Hyperoptic service to suit your needs – and your budget.

Hyperfast not hyperexpensive Hyperfast not hyperexpensive

The full fibre future

As our network continues to grow, more and more people are waking up to the importance (and brilliance) of a full fibre connection.

With more buildings having access to full fibre, fast, reliable internet is becoming a utility. And now, going full fibre has never been more cost-effective or easy.

The full fibre future The full fibre future

Don’t get left behind

Most popular FAQs

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