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Streaming is believing

Settle in, uninterrupted.

Streaming is believing

Settle in, uninterrupted.

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Ah, buffering. We’ve all been there.

You fire up Netflix, Amazon Prime, Now TV, YouTube… you name it. You want to stream in Ultra HD. Instead, you watch a low-def loading wheel.

What the 4K is that all about? You need a full fibre connection.

Buffering Buffering

Internet for 4k streaming

Most “fibre” broadband isn’t enough to satisfy our streaming demands. That’s where full fibre comes in.

Our full fibre goes all the way to your property. And that gives you the capacity and speed to let everyone in your household stream whatever they like – all at the same time.

Internet streaming Internet streaming

The speed you need for Ultra HD

It’s simple; the higher the quality of your download, the higher the minimum rate needs to be.

The number of devices you use in your household can put pressure on your broadband to perform. If you’ve got multiple devices streaming simultaneously and you’re after super smooth Ultra HD, you should be looking at our 150Mbps service or above.

speed for ultra hd speed for ultra hd

Utterly unlimited data for limitless streaming

Did you know Netflix uses about 1GB of data for every hour of streaming?

This jumps to 3GB per hour if you’re streaming in HD, and a whopping 7GB for Ultra HD. So, if you’ve got a monthly data limit, you can quickly use it up.

That’s why all our packages come with utterly unlimited data – so you can stream, download, share and browse as much as you like, whenever you like.

unlimited data unlimited data

Twitch streaming? Don’t forget about those uploads

Everyone looks at download speeds – but remember to look at your uploads too.

If you’re a Twitch streamer or regularly uploading YouTube content, you need an upload speed of at least 5Mbps – and much faster if there are others online too.

All our plans on 150Mbps and above give you the same speed for downloads and uploads, so there are no nasty surprises. Not something you’ll find with many other providers.

twitch streaming twitch streaming

Hyperfast doesn’t mean hyperexpensive

Last updated:
The speeds we’re comparing above are those available to respective providers’ customers. Please bear in mind that some of our competitors do also offer 1Gb packages, but they’re only available to a limited group of their customers whereas our 1Gb package is available to the majority of our customers. Average speed of 900Mbps on our 1Gb package requires a wired connection to the router.
†BT introduced new “Homebuyers” offer for 150Mb, 500Mb and 900Mb packages, offer includes paying for the first 5 months 50% of the full price for these packages, which is £34.99, £44.99, and £54.99 respectively. The weighted average price was used as an approximation price for these deals.

Don’t know your GB from your Mbps? Don’t worry, we’ve got all you need to know right here

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