What is a Hyperoptic Champion?

Typically a Champion will encourage neighbours to register, help us reach an installation agreement and generate awareness during the launch period.

How do I become a Champion?

Apply here simply by entering your details. You will be placed on reserve and if your building is in need of a Champion, we’ll be in touch.

What is required of a Champion?

We'll provide all materials to help drive registrations or orders, and/or seek general assistance in reaching an installation agreement.

What rewards will I get?

Generally it’s free service for a year depending on your building requirements. This could be 1Gb if you have provided invaluable assistance.

Our Hyperoptic Champion says…

“What’s not to love about Hyperoptic?
For helping spread the word,
they gave me 1Gb broadband
free for a year.”

Sarah - Empire Square
Hyperoptic Champion

Don’t have time to be a Hyperoptic Champion?

You can still help to share the news about Hyperoptic and bring our service to your building. Here’s what you can do:

Follow us on Twitter and retweet our posts to help spread the word

Like us on Facebook and share our posts to help spread the word

Get in touch via
to share the details of resident’s pages and groups on social media

Existing Champions

Click below to keep us informed of your activity.
This information confirms that you are active and can
help us attribute registrations or pre-orders back to you.