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5 Things You Need from Your Business Broadband Provider

5 Things You Need from Your Business Broadband Provider

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When it comes to choosing a broadband provider for your business, there’s never been more pressure to get it right! Change is happening fast. Amidst shifts to digital systems and increasing demand to stay efficient under strain, many business owners are realising that their current provider just doesn’t cut it.

Don’t settle for less than you deserve. Let’s take a look at the five things today’s businesses need from their broadband for a bright future.


In these unpredictable times, your business is probably looking for ways to adapt and keep everything running. Getting flexibility around the services you rely on day-to-day has never been more important.

Some broadband providers tie their business customers into binding long-term contracts, leaving them stuck with large fees if circumstances change.

You shouldn’t have to commit to anything long term if it doesn’t suit you. Try looking into flexible broadband plans that give your business more freedom. Consider the range of plans a provider offers and compare them against your short-term situation and long-term strategy. You’ll probably want having the choice to upgrade your speed if you need to, or change your package in line with your evolving business. After total, commitment-free flexibility? Then go for a rolling contract like the month-to-month one we offer.


Your business needs a connection that can meet any demand. Want enough bandwidth for the Saturday morning rush? Or those really hectic days at the office? Nothing less than full fibre will do!

A full fibre service delivers full power broadband straight to your premises via high speed fibre cables. The latest OFCOM statisticsshow that the percentage of UK homes and businesses with access to full fibre almost doubled between Jan 2019 and Jan 2020. Your business is probably one of the lucky ones that could have hyperfast broadband on its doorstep – are you missing out?

The rapid (and ongoing) increase in full fibre availability shows that it isn’t just an optional extra for businesses anymore; it’s becoming key to keeping up with the competition. Hyperfast speeds benefit businesses in all sectors and of all sizes. A full fibre connection gives everyone in the office the bandwidth to stay productive, whatever the workday demands. Having access to equal upload and download speeds can save hours spent on downloading and backing up files. That’s a huge chunk of your day, every day.

Faster connections also help you wow the people your business depends on. Build trust and your reputation amongst clients with faster responses, speedier file sharing and crystal-clear video calls. If you’re in retail or hospitality, offering hyperfast free wifi on your premises will help you stand out as the place where your customers connect.


Of course, speed’s only good when it’s actually there. Network stability is a must for your business – and again, anything less than a full fibre connection can be wildly unreliable.

Why is reliability so important? Well, having a connection you can count on boosts productivity and efficiency, whatever your business! Let’s take today’s modern office as an example. Office-based companies rely on the web to carry out almost every task. If your office loses its broadband connection, even for a moment, then output stops.

Having full fibre reliability allows your business to say no to downtime and get the most from every workday. It enables you to take advantage of new systems that can transform the way you do things, like seamless digital payments.

And it makes you more reliable to your customers, too. Say you run a shop, bar or restaurant that offers free wifi to patrons. We’re all used to having the promise of free guest wifi turn to frustration as we realise the connection is sluggish and unreliable. An unfailing full fibre connection will allow you to keep your customers satisfied and streamline your day-to-day tasks.


Getting value for money from your broadband is another must. You want assurance that you’re paying for quality – and proof your connection is helping generate revenue.

It’s worth thinking about value over the long-term. Sometimes it’s best to focus on future-proofing your business rather than making quick savings today. You can do that when a best-in-class full fibre connection allows you to unleash the long-lasting perks of cutting-edge tech like video conferencing platforms and cloud services.

Full fibre also future proofs your business because fibre transmission media has the ability to grow beyond any other physical media – so your initial investment goes much, much further. That’s real value.

And of course, creating value is about more than making money. When you offer customers and visitors standout wifi, you also bring value to your community. You’re giving people a hub where they can catch up, get online, and support local business.


Even with the most reliable connection, there will be times when you need extra support. Service issues can disrupt your workday and may damage your reputation if resolving them takes ages. You need a provider who’s will take care of any issues straight away – so you can get back to taking care of business. And for those in customer-facing sectors, you know that when your ISP’s service is great, yours will be too…

Yet many providers can’t be counted on when it comes to service. Virgin Media Business has a measly 1.2 rating on Trustpilot, where BT’s service comes in only slightly higher with a 1.3!

Aside from paying attention to ratings like the above, what else should you consider if you want great service on your broadband? You may want to ask the following:

• Does this provider have a dedicated support team for businesses?
• What does their SLA (service level agreement) guarantee me in terms of response times?
• Will 24/7 customer service be available to my team?

Getting positive responses should indicate the kind of service you need to keep things running (and paying attention to what current customers have to say isn’t a bad idea, either!)

Hyperoptic is the provider who can offer your business more of what it needs:

More Flexibility
We’re the only ISP to offer month-to-month rolling contracts on business broadband. You’ll get the flexibility to opt out of any long-term commitments – and more choice as your business evolves thanks to our range of plans for businesses.

More Speed
Other providers don’t come close to our top speed of 1Gbps (on a package that offers an incredible average of 900Mbps). With equal upload and download speeds across 3 of our packages, you can download a 25GB file in 3 minutes and upload a 300MB photo in 2 seconds! It’s not just about speed; it’s about getting more time to excel, across all areas of your business.

More Reliability:
Count on our rock-solid reliability to support your business. Get full fibre that keeps the team connected, wins over clients and customers, and gets you through even the most demanding workdays.

More Value:
Unleash the unparalleled long-term value of our full fibre infrastructure. Future proof your business by transforming your systems and processes, building your rep, and connecting your community with Hyperoptic broadband.

More Service
Our Trustpilot rating is higher than Virgin’s, BT’s and Sky’s combined! We offer a next workday SLA across all our business broadband packages, a dedicated business support team, and our award-winning customer service is

available to you 24/7.

Is it time you got more from your business broadband? Let’s talk. Get in touch today (or call us at 0203 514 0341) to discuss what you need from your connection.

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