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Why you should offer free Wi-Fi to your customers

Why you should offer free Wi-Fi to your customers

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It’s been a tough year for businesses everywhere. As we come out of lockdown, we’re all looking for a way to stand out from the crowd.

What can you do to provide extra value for your customers, increase foot traffic, and turn visitors into your biggest advocates?

The answer: free Wi-Fi.

We’re going to run through 7 reasons to offer free Wi-Fi to your customers. Then we’ll show you the 3 steps to providing great customer experience with free Wi-Fi. Let’s begin.

Reason 1 – Customers stay longer

No matter your industry, keeping customers in store or on your premises can be a challenge. People expect connectivity wherever they go. Offering free Wi-Fi gives your customers a reason to spend more time in store, and this increases the chance of them making a purchase.

Did you know?
Customers spend more time in store when free Wi-Fi is offered, according to 60% of businesses.*

Offering free Wi-Fi to your customers will give them the service they’re looking for and keep them coming back.

*Small Business Trends, 2015

Reason 2 – It’s the new norm

Free Wi-Fi is becoming more readily available. It’s now accessible on public transport, in hotels, pubs, shops – even churches. In fact, customers are starting to expect it.

Did you know?
Research has actually found that 1 in 10 people will leave a venue if it doesn’t have free Wi-Fi.*

As more and more businesses offer free Wi-Fi, customers start to expect it. Free Wi-Fi is becoming a standard by which businesses are judged. If your business isn’t offering it, potential customers may look elsewhere.

*Small Business Trends, 2015

Reason 3 – Increased foot traffic

Initial accounts showed that footfall to shopping centres rose by 340% when UK retail destinations re-opened in April 2021. As public spaces become busier with national restrictions lifting further, it’s important to take advantage of increased activity on the high street.

Clearly signposting that you offer free Wi-Fi will attract visitors who may have walked on by otherwise. And once they’re in store, they’re that one key step closer to making a purchase.

Reason 4 – Generate great word of mouth

Complimentary customer Wi-Fi can both help you attract new customers and keep your existing customers coming back for more.

When you offer reliable free Wi-Fi, you offer a great customer experience. This will create loyal customers who will generate positive word of mouth and increase foot traffic to your business over time.

This leads us nicely into our next point…

Reason 5 – Conquer social media

Social media is the perfect engine of word-of-mouth marketing. Getting attention on social platforms is the holy grail for many businesses today. By making it easier for customers to post to, engage with, and tag you while they’re on your premises, you could transform your business.

Did you know?
96% of consumers would rather visit a business with free Wi-Fi.*

If you provide your customers with free Wi-Fi, they can post on social media about their visit – while they visit. And as free Wi-Fi improves customer experience, their social media posts are more likely to be positive.

*Beambox, 2020

Reason 6 – Become a remote working hub

Working away from the office has become the new normal. In fact, it seems like many businesses will continue to allow employees to work remotely even after lockdown. This offers a fantastic opportunity for businesses that offer free Wi-Fi.

Stand out as the place to work remotely.

By providing free Wi-Fi, you advertise your business as a venue that welcomes remote workers. Why work from home when you could work at the café down the street that provides hyperfast free Wi-Fi and fantastic coffee?

Reason 7 – Help customers make informed choices

Keeping your customers up to date is great for business. When you provide your customers with the tools to educate themselves about your product or service, it increases their trust in your business.

Did you know?
Half of customers feel more comfortable about making a large purchase if the store has free Wi-Fi.*

Customers like being informed about products before they make a purchase. Wi-Fi makes it easy for customers to look up details about a product, read reviews and educate themselves before buying. This can help customers who are on the fence make up their mind.


3 steps to great customer Wi-Fi

Offering customers free Wi-Fi is great for improving customer experience, generating positive word of mouth, and increasing sales. But you need to do it right.

You need three things:

1. Wi-Fi that’s easy to find and use
There’s no point offering free Wi-Fi if it’s impossible for customers to connect, or if it isn’t even advertised in the venue.

2. A hyperfast and reliable connection
Your customers won’t appreciate your free Wi-Fi if it takes forever to load a webpage.

Give your audience speeds that are nearly 3x faster than BT with Hyperoptic’s reliable full-fibre connection.*

Your customers will have the best possible experience, and you’ll be able to deliver seamless online transactions and get peace of mind with crystal-clear CCTV monitoring.

3. The best broadband provider
You don’t just need a fast and reliable connection; you need a broadband provider that takes away the stress with incredible service and gives you a package tailored to your needs.

Hyperoptic provides incredible business broadband that is fast and reliable. And, with our flexible packages, you can find the right deal for your business needs.

You’ll also benefit from our incredible service and support:
• 24/7 customer service
• Next-day SLA on business broadband
• 5-hour SLA on our leased line product
• Dedicated business support team
• 24/7 network monitoring

We can make your business unstoppable. Don’t just take our word for it, though. We’re rated excellent on Trustpilot and are officially better than BT, Sky, Virgin Media and TalkTalk according to the 2021 Broadband Satisfaction Survey by Which?.**

Let’s get started – give us a call.

*Top average speed available to the majority of respective providers’ customers.

**According to Which? Best Broadband 2021