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Registering Interest in Hyperoptic

Registering Interest in Hyperoptic

What happens when I register interest?

If our service isn’t available at your property yet, you can register your interest online. It’s totally free and won’t commit you to anything.

Once you’ve registered, we’ll keep you updated via email with any progress we make – and, if we become available at your property, you’ll be the first to know.

Plus, since you registered your interest, you’ll get an extra special discount if you decide to order!

Register interest Register interest

Connecting a property to Hyperoptic

Depending on your property, we may need permission from the property owner before we can connect you. This is called a wayleave. If we need this, we’ll let you know.

Once we have permission, we can start connecting a building using existing cabling routes. This allows us to bring our fibre from the street to your building with minimal disruption.

Our installation at each property depends on the type and size (e.g. an apartment building or single household). We typically set up a small cabinet or wall box to house our fibre and, from there, bring our cabling inside each property to connect those who order service.

Connecting a property Connecting a property

How long before I can order Hyperoptic?

If our network is already installed in your area, we’ll assess whether we can connect your property and then, if needed, we’ll reach out to the property owner for permission.

Depending on how quickly we receive permission (if we need it), agreeing the installation can take between 4 and 10 weeks. Having lots of registrations of interest from residents can help speed this up, since it shows the demand for Hyperoptic service.

Once the installation is approved, we’ll deploy to your address within a month. Just few weeks after that, you’ll be able to order our service.

How long before I can place an order How long before I can place an order

Why does it sometimes take longer?

Bringing our service to a new area can sometimes take a little longer if we’re connected a property with complicated install requirements or come up against unexpected delays.

We know this can be frustrating and promise we’re doing our best to bring hyperfast broadband to as many people as possible as quickly as we can. We’re growing our network every day – and your property could be next!

Why does it sometimes take longer Why does it sometimes take longer

Most popular FAQs

So that we can give you the most relevant information,
please let us know what kind of building you live in.
If you live in an apartment building or block of flats,
please select “I live in an apartment building”.
If you live in a house or a flat within a house, please
select “I live in a house”. If you’re not sure, get in touch.