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New Build Developments
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  • Specified in design
  • Pre-agreed installation
  • Day one connectivity and free trial for all residents
  • Installation contribution and free issue of materials

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Build to Rent (PRS)
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  • Day one connectivity to all residents
  • Single contract with operator
  • Discounted upgrade packages
  • Specification differentiator

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Hyperoptic bb
  • Specialist installation teams
  • Cost neutral (subject to survey)
  • Pre-agreed methodology
  • Unobtrusive installation

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Powering over 100,000 homes in 1000 buildings across 12 UK cities, Hyperoptic works with property owners and professionals to install a brand new infrastructure platform. This can be installed as an original specification, cost free and maintenance undertaken by Hyperoptic at their cost going forward. Subject to feasibility and viability.

How Hyperoptic works

Most "fibre broadband" services are not Fibre Broadband. They are fibre-and-copper: fibre optic cabling from the exchange to your street, then copper phone wires into your building. And that copper really spoils the fun. Its 140 year old technology designed for telephones, and not data that is sent using broadband.

Hyperoptic specialises in bringing full fibre optic broadband direct to multi-dwelling buildings such as apartments and offices. If your building is within our catchment area, and enough residents showing support by registering online, we can connect you to our future-proof full-fibre network.

Our property team can help developers benefit from market-leading broadband infrastructure to deliver the real benefits to residents & purchasers of Day One Connectivity and a high quality of service that is becoming the expectation. Furthermore access to a broadband network that will deliver the fastest UK connectivity service and provide headroom for future demands and technologies means that development specifications will remain current and relevant

New build projects can be planned by the Hyperoptic team and, subject to passing the viability, can be progressed using materials supplied by Hyperoptic. Delivery of Day One connectivity is an option for most sites (afforded by site cooperation in delivering the infrastructure early enough in the programme).

For existing buildings, Hyperoptic specialise in retro-fitting residential blocks as well as mixed use & commercial buildings. In these instances, the process differs in that we look for a level of interest from residents to demonstrate demand, ensuring the service is delivered to residents who are looking for superior connectivity.

Let us work with you today

Hyperoptic's fibre-to-the-building technology has been installed in over 100,000 homes across 1,000 buildings. A dedicated team is appointed to facilitate a smooth, timely and discreet installation. From bespoke proposals to overseeing construction, we have worked successfully on projects of every scale, and become a standard addition to the initial drawings amongst many of the larger developers including Barratt and Crest Nicholson.

Hyperoptic’s infrastructure platform continues to set the standard for broadband and telephony in residential and mixed use blocks. In an environment where demand continues to grow for speed and capacity Hyperoptic can meet today's requirements and provide headroom for the future too” says David Walker Head of Property at Hyperoptic."

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