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29 November 2021
Hyperoptic Team

The most sought-after nostalgic consoles and games revealed

If there’s one thing that Brits can relate to, it’s the feeling of nostalgia. And when it comes to our all-time favourite gaming consoles, we hold many of the older devices in high regard. That’s why we wanted to find out exactly which consoles you’re all hoping to play again someday, to relive your childhood (or adulthood) and bring the best games back to the current market. So, we investigated to find the top 10 most nostalgic games and game consoles.

But which gaming consoles do Brits miss the most, which games would you love to see make a comeback, and how much would you be willing to pay to get your hands on one? Discover this information and more, below.

Revealed: The Nintendo DS is the most nostalgic game console

The results are in, and the iconic Nintendo DS takes the crown for the most nostalgic game console. As 61% of you stated, you’d love to see it make a comeback or see a modernised version appear on the market.

This handheld game console brings back great gaming memories for so many of us. It was and still is, really common to hear people discussing how excellent it was after it was discontinued in 2013. And evidently, you haven’t stopped discussing its brilliance since or waiting for it to return.

On average, it appears that Brits are willing to pay £150.82 for this innovative gaming device!

The other most popular games consoles

The Nintendo DS may have won every gamer’s heart, but it certainly wasn’t by a landslide. In fact, the PlayStation 1 came in just behind this console (60.6%), so you’re all nearly as eager to see this device make a big comeback as you are for the Nintendo DS.

Taking third place is the PlayStation 2, which brought us thrilling games like Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and more playful editions such as Tony Hawk’s Underground. Brits were happier to pay a little bit more for this favourite to make a return when compared with the Nintendo DS, with the average cost coming in at £167.53. But this is likely because the PlayStation 2 was more expensive to buy in the first place, so people are prepared to pay more – as they did in the past.

Next up is the SEGA Mega Drive, a console that brought us Sonic the Hedgehog, Strider and Alex Kidd in the Enchanted Castle. And the incredible handheld console, Game Boy (56.8%), was a close contender (57%) with the SEGA Mega Drive.

The Commodore 64 Games System, popular for gamers who loved Wizball and one of the first solid-filled 3D games – The Sentinel, ranked sixth (53.5%), and the Nintendo 64 came in close behind (53%). So, all your fun favourites feature.

Last but not least…

The last devices to feature in the top nostalgic gaming consoles were Nintendo Game Boy Colour (52.3%), which people were willing to spend up to £154.64 on, alongside Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) (51.8%) and Nintendo Game Boy Advance SP (51.2%).

Brits want to see Sonic the Hedgehog (1991) make a return

Drum roll, please: Sonic the Hedgehog is the most missed game of all in the gaming world; this is the one you all want to reappear on the current gaming market. This was a clear winner for all you gamers, with 38% of you stating you love this game and want to see it on the shelves all over again. And it’s not too surprising considering its popularity at the time it was released, and the conversations around this impressive game which continue today.

Although gaming fans were less invested (13%) in Tekken (1990) and The Legend of Zelda (1986) making a return when compared with the other eight games in the top 10 (12.8%), with both taking the last spots on the table.

Discover more even more about gaming…

Now you’ve stepped back in time and relived the memories of owning one (or more) of these gaming consoles, you might want to find out more about different gaming tips and tricks in the modern day, Simply uncover other related information, such as how to avoid stimulation sickness while gaming and what is a good ping for gaming, on our insightful blog.


  1. Study of 1,000 UK gamers (that do/have played video games) undertaken in November 2021 by TLF.

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