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Hyperfast, flexible and fair

Reliable broadband for working from home


Our iconic 1Gb package is over 11x faster
than the UK’s average broadband*

No sneaky fees

We’ll never raise your price
during your commitment period

Unlimited data

Stream, browse, download and game to
your heart’s content

Stay flexible

You can sign up for 24 months, a year, or roll monthly, whatever suits you

Symmetrical speeds

You can upload just as fast as you download on our 150Mbps+ packages

Price match

If you can find the same package for less
elsewhere, we’ll match it

Avoid price hikes

Every year, many major providers raise their prices mid contract over and above the rate of inflation. That means you could see your bill go up by as much as 9.3%³ this year!

We don’t think that’s fair. That’s why we’ve never raised our prices during commitment periods. A deal’s a deal.

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All package details
All package details

Wrap your home with hyperfast Wi-Fi

Simply add Hyperoptic Total Wi-Fi®

Supercharge your Hyperoptic connection with Total Wi-Fi, giving you the ultimate speed, reliability and coverage – in every room.
Work, play, stream or chat, wherever you like. Bye bye black spots.

Switching is (really) easy

Time to change providers and see for yourself why Hyperoptic’s service leaves others in the dust. And switching couldn’t be easier.  Still in contract? Call us to delay activation for up to 90 days.


Check your postcode

See if we’re available at your property


Pick your package

Speeds and plans to suit every need and budget


Get connected

Installs take just 1 hour & can be booked for the next day

Commitment free switching

Try us out and if you’re not sold within 30 days you can leave with no exit fees – and no hard feelings

Award-winning broadband

And we’re No.1 for reliability in ‘Broadband Provider Survey 2021⁵’

Digital Inclusion Gold award
Choose Broadband Awards 2022

Broadband Provider of the Year 2021
Connected Britain Awards

Best for Inclusion
Winner 2021 Choose Broadband Awards

Fastest Ultrafast Broadband Provider (Downloading) 2020
Broadband Genie

Fastest Ultrafast Broadband Provider (Uploading) 2020
Broadband Genie

The Service Award
2020 Simples Awards

The Innovation Award
2020 Simples Awards

Best Business ISP
2019 ISPAs

Best Customer Service
2019 ISPAs

Latest reviews

We have more 5-star Trustpilot ratings than Sky, BT and Virgin combined⁴

¹Broadband speed calculations: The UK’s average broadband speeds are 80.2Mbps for downloads and 21.6Mbps for uploads, compared to Hyperoptic’s top average speed of 900Mbps which is achieved through a wired connection. Average speeds taken from Ofcom’s ‘UK Home Broadband Performance’ measurement period May 2021

²Note that the average (median) download speeds (achievable by 50% of users at peak usage time) for the broadband services we provide are as follows: 900Mbps on a 1Gb connection, 500Mbps on a 500Mb connection, 150Mbps on a 150Mb connection and 50Mbps on a 50Mb connection. These speed measurements are based on a single device with a wired (ethernet) connection to our service and a wired connection will always be needed to achieve 900Mbps on our 1Gb service.

³Each year, BT and EE increase the bills of their broadband and/or landline customers by an extra 3.9% plus that year’s Consumer Price Index (CPI) rate of inflation (https://www.bt.com/assets/pdf/BT_PhoneTariff_Residential.pdf and https://www.ee.co.uk/help/help-new/billing-usage-and-top-up/price-increase/price-increase; TalkTalk will increase the bill of its broadband customers by an extra 3.7% plus that year’s Consumer Price Index (CPI) rate of inflation (https://new.talktalk.co.uk/legal/annual-price-change) – information taken from BT, EE, TalkTalk websites, respectively, on 16/12/21.

⁴Trustpilot reviews and ratings comparison taken from Trustpilot website and correct as of 09/02/22.

Broadband Provider Survey 2021