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18 April 2021
Hyperoptic Team

What is a leased line and how can it transform your business?

Ever find your internet connection slowing down at peak times? Struggling to download a file while on a video call? Connection issues take ages to resolve? We’ve all been there – our connection getting in the way of our productivity.  Could a leased line be the solution for you?

In this blog, we explain what a leased line is, how it could benefit your business, the cost, and why Hyperoptic is a great choice. 

What is the difference between a leased line and broadband? 


Data travels from a business along a single cable to a local cabinet (usually at the end of the road). Here, it joins together with other cables from the local area, and travels to the data exchange. Broadband is a contended connection, with different users sharing the same service.  

Leased Line 

Data travels along a single fibre optic cable from the business all the way to the data exchange, without sharing any cable with other users.  

A leased line is a dedicated, symmetrical data connection between two points: 

  • Dedicated – The entire connection serves one business. No one else shares your connection, unlike other broadband options. 
  • Symmetrical – Equal upload and download speeds
  • Leased – You don’t own the line, so you’re not responsible for it. You simply rent the leased line. SLAs are typically much faster. 

What does this mean for my business? 

Leased lines are the ultimate choice for businesses that rely on a good internet connection to thrive.  


Do you find your connection speeds slowing at peak times? Traditional broadband means that different locations all share the same connection. Sharing your connection means that your connection can slow at peak times.  

A leased line can help with this, since the full connection is reserved just for you. You receive the speeds you’re promised, and your connection doesn’t slow down when the going gets tough. 


Have you noticed that your download speed is much faster than your upload speed?  Most broadband packages sacrifice upload speeds to benefit download speeds. This works well for consumers – customers who use their broadband to stream video, scroll social media and consume content in general. 

For businesses, upload speed is just as important as download speeds. How many of your processes involve uploading information? 

  • Sharing content with clients  
  • Cloud-based payment systems  
  • Sharing resources with colleagues 

… the list goes on. 

With a leased line, the upload and download speeds are symmetrical. This means they are both hyperfast – all the time. This keeps your business running at top speed.  


A leased line is a dedicated line which is rented from the ISP. This creates a stronger relationship between ISP and customer. Typically you’ll get better customer helplines and much faster repair times. This means less downtime, so you can focus on what’s important.  


A dedicated fibre optic leased line prepares your business for the future.

When your business chooses a leased line, you’re putting yourself ahead of the competition.  

Speeds are only going to get faster, and we’ll only ever demand more from our ISP. A leased line is the very best you can get. The average broadband speed is 71.8Mbps. With a Hyperoptic leased line, you can go all the way to 10Gbps.   

Is a leased line a good investment? 

You get what you pay for when you invest in a leased line. It’s important to consider what your priorities are as a business. A leased line will provide a more consistent connection, symmetrical upload/download speeds and faster repair times.  

If your business utilises cloud services, relies on connection to communicate with stakeholders or prides itself on delivering excellent customer service online, then a leased line could be an important investment.  

Is it worth it for my business? 

A good way to answer this question is to ask yourself, “what would happen to my business if my internet connection went down?”: 

  • Clients can’t communicate with you 
  • Customers don’t get the service they expect 
  • Video-call meetings have to be cancelled 
  • Cloud-based work can’t happen 

What would that mean to your business, to your bottom line? Time is money, and if a leased line can keep you connected and keep you productive, then the ROI could be huge. 

Why Hyperoptic?  

Hyperoptic’s Dedicated Fibre gives you a dedicated leased line you don’t share with anyone else. Uninterrupted, symmetrical speeds with ultra-low latency direct to your business.  

When you pick a leased line package with Hyperoptic, you get:  

  • 5-hour SLA 
  • Packages up to 10Gb 
  • Dedicated business support, 7 days a week 
  • 24/7 monitoring and customer support 
  • A range of contract lengths 

As well as providing hyperfast, reliable connection, we pride ourselves on our flexibility and service. 


Sometimes you need a little extra support from your ISP. Our dedicated business support team is available from 9am-9pm every single day of the week, and our customer service team is on hand 24/7.  

Our customer service is fantastic, but don’t just take our word for it. We were named 2019’s Best Business ISP and Best Customer Service in the ISPAs. We’re also rated 4.5-stars on Trustpilot – that’s higher than BT, Sky and Virgin Media!  

Find out more about Hyperoptic’s Dedicated Fibre packages. 

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