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Project Gigabit Explained

Project Gigabit Explained

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Project Gigabit is revolutionising gigabit broadband across the UK. Discover details about the government’s plan in this article.

What is Project Gigabit?

Project Gigabit is a £5 billion government broadband plan aiming to deliver next-generation gigabit broadband to over a million households and businesses across the UK. The project will be rolled out in multiple phases, targeting so-called “Very Hard to Reach” (VHTR) premises. These are areas that haven’t been included in the commercial plans of most broadband providers and therefore require additional government backing to achieve widespread gigabit broadband.

The key objectives of the project are:

Deliver reliable, hyperfast fibre broadband capable of download speeds of at least 1 gigabit per second to everyone in the UK

85% of UK premises to have gigabit wifi by 2025

Aim to reach 100% coverage by 2030

Luckily for you – and with the help of Project Gigabit – Hyperoptic broadband will soon be available for a large section of the British public. But before we get into how the scheme will benefit you, let’s take a deeper look at how it all works.

How Does Project Gigabit Work?

Project Gigabit will provide the UK with exceptional broadband speeds, delivered by Building Digital UK (BDUK). The scheme will allow broadband providers to supply gigabit Wi-Fi at a much lower cost than they could have without government backing.

£1.2 billion of a total £5 billion has been allocated for the project until 2025. The remaining £3.8 billion will be reserved for the rest of the project.

When Did Project Gigabit Start?

Project Gigabit was initially announced in 2020. It was known then as the “£5 billion gigabit broadband roll-out scheme” – a bit of a mouthful. Before that, a commitment to nationwide gigabit coverage by 2025 was outlined in the 2019 Conservative manifesto.

In December 2020, the government published “Planning for Gigabit Delivery in 2021” – a document asking for input from local governments on how best to use public subsidies to cover the rollout.

By March 2021, the government renamed the “£5 billion gigabit broadband roll-out scheme” Project Gigabit, as well as announcing the Gigahubs and voucher scheme. Project Gigabit has since been working in the background, gradually connecting the “Very Hard to Reach” areas of the UK, and allowing more and more people to experience Hyperoptic’s fast and reliable full fibre service.

Project Gigabit Rollout Plan

There are three phases of Project Gigabit.

Phase 1 will target a million “Very Hard To Reach” homes and businesses, and allocate additional funding for the Gigahubs.

Phase 2 begins with open market reviews, which will assess potential locations to target next.

Phase 3 will see the government allowing broadband providers to take more control of the project. Most of the UK will have coverage, meaning government involvement may delay the work already being carried out.

While the locations of Phase 1 have been set in stone, Phase 2 is still being assessed, and is therefore subject to change. The Phase 3 locations will be the last to see targeted help because the government will need to work closely with providers so as not to cause delays or duplicate work.

Project Gigabit Delivery Plan Summer Update

Why Do We Care at Hyperoptic?

It has always been Hyperoptic’s mission to push for a gigabit Britain. Our goal is for everyone in the UK to make use of our fast and reliable full-fibre service, and we want this to happen as quickly as possible. With government broadband support, this dream is close to being realised.

As we make our way through Phase 1, 2 and 3, more and more locations are getting ready for gigabit broadband. Soon, Hyperoptic will be available up and down the country, so why not switch over so you’re ready? Browse our deals and find one that’s right for you.

Don’t worry if it’s not available to you yet – with Project Gigabit well underway, you’ll soon have access to lightning-fast broadband with Hyperoptic.

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