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Discover Gigabit Broadband

Hyperfast, ultra-reliable full fibre

Discover Gigabit Broadband

Hyperfast, ultra-reliable full fibre

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Hyperfast Broadband

Back in 2011, we were the very first provider to make gigabit broadband available to homes in the UK, so we know a thing or two about 1Gb internet – and what makes it so great.

Our top average broadband speed (900Mbps for downloads and uploads on our hyperfast gigabit package) is over 48x faster than the UK’s average upload.

Hyperfast Broadband Hyperfast Broadband

What is gigabit internet?

Gigabit internet is a broadband connection that is capable of reaching gigabit speeds. It’s delivered by a full fibre connection, which is faster and more reliable than traditional broadband technology.

Hyperoptic are experts in gigabit broadband and we’re on a mission to make it available to as many people as possible as we continue to grow our network nationwide. It’s the future of broadband!

How fast is 1Gb internet?

1Gb (aka a gigabit, Gig or 1Gbps) is equal to 1,000Mb (aka Megabits or Mbps). Megabits tend to be the most common way to talk about broadband speed. Basically, the more Mb you have, the faster your broadband – and gigabit internet can reach speeds of 1,000Mbps. That’s really fast.

Hyperfast - 1gb speed Hyperfast - 1gb speed

What do gigabit speeds mean for you?

Faster internet speed means more bandwidth and reliability – and 1Gb home broadband gives you faster download and upload speeds, better quality streaming, video and gaming, with way less buffering and lag.

Gigabit broadband at home also means more of you can be online at once without interruptions. You can Zoom call, watch Netflix, listen to Spotify, play Call of Duty and order Deliveroo – at the same time.

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All of our plans are full fibre and come with unlimited data

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All package details
All package details

“Excellent broadband, I love every part of it, ultra fast and reliable.”

Sunil, Trustpilot

Hyperfast doesn’t mean hyperexpensive

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The speeds we’re comparing above are those available to respective providers’ customers. Please bear in mind that some of our competitors do also offer 1Gb packages, but they’re only available to a limited group of their customers whereas our 1Gb package is available to the majority of our customers. Average speed of 900Mbps on our 1Gb package requires a wired connection to the router.
†BT introduced new “Homebuyers” offer for 150Mb, 500Mb and 900Mb packages, offer includes paying for the first 5 months 50% of the full price for these packages, which is £34.99, £44.99, and £54.99 respectively. The weighted average price was used as an approximation price for these deals.

Can I get gigabit internet?

We’re growing our gigabit broadband network every day, working hard to bring 1Gb internet to as many people as possible.

See if our gigabit internet is available to you, or register your interest.

The full fibre future The full fibre future

Ready to make the switch to gigabit internet?

Switching to gigabit internet is really simple – and since we run our own network, it’s easy to avoid downtime while you change broadband providers!

48x faster: The UK’s median average broadband upload speed (taken from Ofcom’s ‘UK Home Broadband Performance’ measurement period March 2023) is 18.4Mbps, compared to Hyperoptic’s top median average upload speed of 900Mbps which is achieved through a wired connection on our 1Gb package.