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Home Fibre Broadband

For an ultra reliable, hyperfast connection

Home Fibre Broadband

For an ultra reliable, hyperfast connection

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Hyperfast Home Broadband

Fibre broadband uses fibre optic cabling, allowing data to travel through tiny glass tubes at the speed of light.

We specialise in Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) or “full fibre” home broadband. This is different from some fibre services which only go so far as a cabinet on the street (FTTC). Our fibre cabling connects directly to your building. This means a more reliable home broadband, and superfast speeds!

Hyperfast Broadband Hyperfast Broadband

Why choose Hyperoptic?



Our 1Gb package has average wired speeds of 900Mbps. We call that hyperfast

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No mid-contract price hikes and if you find the same package for less elsewhere, we’ll match it



The stability of full fibre direct to your building. Perfect for busy households

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Symmetrical speeds

You can upload just as fast as you download on our 150Mbps+ packages

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Rated Excellent with more 5-star Trustpilot reviews than Sky, BT and Virgin Media combined

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Sign up for a year or roll monthly. Whatever suits you

How fast is fibre

Fast speeds make home fibre broadband perfect for…


Streaming HD/4K video without interruption


Next gen gaming with speedy ping

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Working from home on a stable connection

Gigabit internet

Confused about what gigabit broadband is, and why you would need it? It’s pretty simple – the more Mb you have, the faster your home broadband!

Gigabit internet can reach speeds of 1,000Mbps. Our network is gigabit capable – so get ready for some seriously superfast broadband!

Hyperfast - 1gb speed Hyperfast - 1gb speed

Unbeatable value superfast broadband

Finding a cheap broadband deal doesn’t have to mean compromising on internet quality.

All our home broadband packages are full fibre and utterly unlimited. And our pricing is fair and transparent (with no mid-contract price hikes) so you know what you’re paying upfront.

Plus, if you find the same package being offered for less elsewhere, we promise to match it.

Hyperfast not hyperexpensive Hyperfast not hyperexpensive

How to switch to Hyperoptic

Switching to Hyperoptic fibre broadband is super simple – even if you’re still in contract.