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Routers & Extenders

Routers & Extenders

The Hyperhub

Whichever Hyperoptic package you choose, you’ll receive a free Hyperhub – our mighty router – for all your broadband needs.

Our Hyperhubs are dual-band and optimised for our network, with all the bells and whistles to give you the best possible connection at all times.

You’ll be able to use the Hyperhub for the duration of your service.

Router Router

Setting up the Hyperhub

In most cases, our engineer will set up the Hyperhub during your socket installation, so you can start enjoying your connection right away, fuss-free.

Setting up your Nokia Hyperhub
Setting up your ZTE H298A Hyperhub
Setting up your ZTE H3600 Hyperhub

Not sure which Hyperhub you have? Check them out here

Getting connected Getting connected

Meet the Hyperhubs

Below you’ll see all our different Hyperhub routers, along with their downloadable admin manuals. These contain detailed info on logging in, changing your Wi-Fi name and password, resetting and rebooting, connecting via WPS, changing channels – plus loads more.

Getting on the wifi

Fancy taking your full fibre connection wireless? Everything you need to get connected to your wifi network is right on your Hyperhub router.

1 ) First things first, pick your device (phone, laptop, tablet, whatever you like) and head to settings.

2) Select your network (SSID – you can find this on the back of your Hyperhub) and enter your password (also on the back of your Hyperhub).

And voila – welcome to wifi.

Getting on the wifi Getting on the wifi

Extending your Wi-Fi

Hyperoptic Total Wi-Fi® allows you to extend the power of your Hyperoptic connection wirelessly, throughout your property.

Available to add to your Hyperoptic service at any time (including when you place your order), Total Wi-Fi includes our powerful Wi-Fi extender, the Minihub.

total WiFi minihub total WiFi minihub

Meet the Minihubs

We currently offer 2 different types of Minihub – our clever Wi-Fi extenders – which are included with our mesh service, Hyperoptic Total Wi-Fi®. Depending on which Hyperhub router you have, you’ll get one of the below mighty Minihubs.

Most popular FAQs

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