Revolutionise your building

for less

The real fibre revolution is here

Boost your building into the 21st century
with the most revolutionary upgrade you'll ever
make. Our hyper-fast 1 Gig broadband is
transforming properties across the UK at
breakthrough low prices.

Hyper-fast 1 Gig broadband for every tenant

One of the top five key questions asked by prospective tenants is "How fast is the broadband?"
With Hyperoptic the answer is "56 times faster than the national average".
And it can go even faster.

Living and working
at the speed of light

Our light-speed cabling lets residents download HD movies in seconds and
lets offices upload critical files at the same revolutionary speed.
And all at the same time.


As a property manager or landlord, one of your main challenges is making a building more attractive to lease or buy without committing too much money. Hyperoptic's full-fibre network could be the most valuable upgrade you'll ever make.

Here's why:

  • Boost your property value- shorten the time between lets or sales, with a sizeable value increase for a relatively small outlay
  • Run management systems for less - Hyperoptic's fibre network can run your CCTV, door entry and other building management systems faster, cheaper and securely
  • Future-proof your infrastructure - our Hyperoptic network has the capacity to cope with any user demands now and in the future
  • Respect the building - we'll work within the standards of your building to ensure solutions work visually as well as technically

How Hyperoptic works

  • Hyperoptic Connectivity
    20 Meg, 100 Meg or
    1 Gig packages available
  • Telephone Service
    Free UK evening and weekend calls.
    Discounted international call plan available
  • Ideal Digital Platform
    For TV (IPTV), Video on Demand (VoD),
    Catch-up TV

At Hyperoptic, we're building a next-generation internet service from the ground up. By avoiding those old copper wires into your building, you're able to leap to the almost limitless potential of full fibre.

Fibre, the new essential utility

Full-fibre broadband is set to become the next essential building utility. The internet powers our lives, like electricity. Connecting to Hyperoptic is like connecting to the mains. And its potential is almost limitless.

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