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13 April 2021
Hyperoptic Team

Full fibre: how it can transform your business

Connectivity is vital to all businesses, no matter the sector. Whether you use broadband in the office, or your customers are connecting to the Wi-Fi on your premises, having reliable, fast connectivity helps your business be the best it can be. 

Let’s break down what ‘full fibre’ actually means, how it can transform your business, and why Hyperoptic is the best full fibre provider for today’s businesses.  

What is full fibre?  

Full fibre is the future of business broadband.  

Traditional broadband 

Traditional broadband uses copper cables from the telephone network to connect your premises to an exchange via a cabinet. One cable will deliver data from the exchange to a local cabinet, and several cables from the local cabinet will then connect to different premises in the area.  

What’s wrong with copper? 

  • Poor at transmitting data 
  • Suffers from electrical interference 
  • Struggles in poor weather 
  • The longer the wire, the weaker the connection 
  • Connection slows at peak times 


Fibre optic cables are a huge upgrade on copper cables. Copper cables carry electrical pulses along metal strands, whereas fibre optic cables carry pulses of light along flexible threads of glass. This means fibre optic cables can carry data up to the speed of light.  

Many businesses believe they are already using full fibre, but this isn’t the case. Often ‘fibre’ broadband is actually just ‘fibre-to-the-cabinet’ (FTTC). This means that fibre optic cables carry data to the local cabinet, and copper wires then deliver this data to your premises. With FTTC, you’re still not receiving the full power of fibre. 

Full fibre 

Full fibre, or fibre-to-the-premises (FTTP) unlocks the full potential of fibre optic connectivity.  

Choosing full fibre means the fibre optic cable runs all the way to your building, offering the best speeds and network reliability for your business. Our equal hyperfast upload and download speeds will keep you running at full power.  

How can full fibre help my business? 


Full fibre is faster than FTTC and copper connections, with upload/download speeds up to 1Gb (1000Mb). And that’s just for now – with full fibre, speeds will only continue to increase (and you won’t have to upgrade your infrastructure).  

Cloud computing and file-transfer systems are becoming essentials for businesses, no matter the sector. You need a connection which can cope with transferring large amounts of data in a short period of time, including uploading and downloading simultaneously. Full fibre’s equal upload/download speeds allow businesses to do this smoothly, without ever missing a beat.  

Working in an office? A full fibre connection will help your day-to-day tasks run more efficiently and allow you to impress clients with crystal-clear video calls, hyperfast file transfer speeds, and seamless cloud services.  

Providing Wi-Fi for your customers? With full fibre, they can get connected faster and enjoy a superior connection. That means you provide a better customer experience overall. Full fibre will help you stand out as the place where people connect. 


Reliability is just as important as speed. There’s no point having hyperfast broadband if it doesn’t work. Did you know that internet outages cost the UK economy £742m in lost productivity and extra overtime?**  

What happens if your internet goes down? 

  • Work could be lost 
  • No access to emails or files 
  • Can’t contact clients
  • Solutions not delivered 
  • Customers don’t get the service they expect
  • Digital payment systems won’t work 

… and the list goes on. 

The reliability of full fibre will keep you connected. Fibre optic cables are much stronger than old copper cables, less likely to be affected by poor weather, and can’t be impacted by electrical interference. In fact, fibre optic connections are up to five times more reliable than copper**. This means you can be more reliable for your clients and customers.  

Cost savings 

How much money could full fibre save your business? 

Time is money. With our full fibre, downloading 25GB of data could take 3min42secs, compared to the UK average – 46min26secs***. What could your business achieve with the saved time? 

  • Faster turnaround for clients 
  • Serve customers more quickly  
  • No lost income from broadband downtime 
  • Share content with colleagues more quickly 
  • Host meetings using video calls, saving on time and travel expenses  


Full fibre future-proofs your business. Upgrading to full fibre now puts you ahead of the curve while other businesses take longer to catch up.  

With our full fibre broadband, you can get the incredible speeds that are usually associated with a costly leased line connection. 

Why choose Hyperoptic for my full fibre? 

Your business deserves the best broadband connection. Hyperoptic offers hyperfast, reliable full fibre business broadband. We also have a range of other benefits that make us stand out. 


We understand how important it is for businesses to be adaptable. You shouldn’t have to commit to anything long-term if it doesn’t suit you. This is why we’re the only major ISP that provides a monthly rolling contract option for business broadband.  


Sometimes your business will need a little extra support from your broadband provider. Our dedicated business support team is available from 9am-9pm every single day of the week, and our customer service team is on hand 24/7. We’ve got your back.  

Our customer service is fantastic, but don’t just take our word for it. We were named 2019’s Best Business Broadband and Best Customer Service in the ISPAs. We’re also rated 4.5-stars on Trustpilot – that’s higher than BT, Sky and Virgin Media!  

Oh, and we’re officially better than BT, Sky, Virgin Media and TalkTalk. 


We are confident we can give you the best business broadband for the best price. With our price match guarantee, we’ll match any offer when a customer shows us a quote from another provider that matches our contract term and upload/download speeds.  

It’s time to choose full fibre. It’s time to choose Hyperoptic.  


*Research by Opinium and Beaming, 2018

**Ofcom: Supercharging investment in fibre broadband, 2020

***Hyperoptic: How the right provider can support business as usual, 2020

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