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Broadband without a landline

Broadband without a landline

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What is broadband without a landline?

Broadband without a landline is simply internet which is supplied without a phone line (or a ‘home phone’).

Traditionally, broadband has been supplied using old-fashioned phone lines (known as ‘ADSL’). Full fibre broadband, like Hyperoptic’s, is delivered using Hyperoptic’s 1GB Broadband, more reliable technology which doesn’t require the use of these landline cables. And that’s how we deliver broadband without a phone line.

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Advantages and disadvantages of internet/Wi-Fi without a landline

It could save you money on your billsWithout a landline, you’re dependent on your mobile phone (or VoIP phone if you’re using a Broadband & Phone service) for making calls
It provides ultimate flexibilityIf you’re using a Broadband & Phone service, that phone service is dependent on your internet – so if it goes down, you won’t be able to make calls (even to emergency services)
Depending on how the service is delivered, you could benefit from faster internet speeds
You’ll encounter fewer cold calls
You can avoid interference caused by your phone line, which usually slow your broadband down

Is home internet without a landline cheaper?

Since most of us use our mobile phones these days, not everyone wants to pay for a landline phone they’ll hardly use.

In most cases, you do get charged extra for a landline, line rental or phone service so it’s typically cheaper to go without.

Check out our Broadband Only options.

Most popular FAQs

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