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Setting up broadband in a new house

Setting up broadband in a new house

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Moving broadband to a new house

Are you moving house? Broadband might not be at the forefront of your mind but imagine getting there and having to be without Wi-Fi!

Not to worry, here’s how to transfer or order broadband before moving in, so you won’t be living in the dark ages on move-in day.

Check out our guide to moving broadband to a new address.

Can I move my broadband when I move house?

If you like your current service provider and have a good deal, you may want to transfer your broadband to another address. Simply check if your provider is available at the new address and if they are, most providers will allow you to move your connection.

Just be aware, you could be charged a small fee for moving your broadband to a new address (or need to start a new contract).

Switch broadband provider to Hyperoptic

You can cancel your broadband contract at any time but, depending on your contract, many providers will charge an early cancellation fee if you’re still within a certain commitment period.

You’ll typically need to give your provider at least 30 days’ notice of any cancellation, so it’s usually best to let your provider know you’re leaving a month or more before you move out.

How do we set up internet in a new house or apartment?

If you’re moving into a new build home or apartment that has Hyperoptic broadband available, we’ll already have installed our equipment. That means you simply need to call us to get your service up and running.

If you’re moving into a home that needs an install, we’ll get this booked in for you as quickly as possible once you place your order.

How we install?

Can internet be set up before moving in?

You should contact your chosen broadband provider at least two weeks before you move in, as this gives them time to make the arrangements needed for set up, especially if there are any installations required.

With Hyperoptic, we can sometimes arrange for you install to take place before you move in – it simply depends on your property type.

Check out our packages.

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