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Setting up Hyperoptic broadband

Setting up Hyperoptic broadband

How the fibre magic happens

On the day of your install, one of our engineers will visit you to install a socket or internal fibre converter, connect the router and make sure your service is up and running smoothly before they take off. All within an hour.

simple activation

We arrive

We show up on time and talk you through everything before getting started


We cable

We bring a cable into your property through a small hole near your front door


We install

We install a socket or internal fibre converter on the wall and connect it to the cable


We connect

We set up the Hyperhub router and get your service up and running


We leave

We clean up after ourselves, say goodbye and leave you to enjoy your new connection

How do we install Hyperoptic in your home?

Our engineer will drill a small hole (10mm), in most cases above your front door, and will run a discreet, surface-mounted cable inside your property to the closest plug socket. In some cases, we’ll use an internal fibre converter.

We’ll either install a small socket on the wall by the plug or a fibre connector. Both will allow you to plug in your Hyperhub router and connect to our service.

In most cases, our installs take about an hour and our engineer will always clean up after themselves. If you’re renting, please make sure you get permission from the landlord or homeowner before booking the installation.

You can be activated right away once your install is complete and your router is connected!

How do we install How do we install

Hyperoptic socket already installed?

If you’ve moved into a home with a Hyperoptic socket already installed, and you’ve got a compatible router, simply order service and we should be able to activate you right away. Please select ‘I have a Hyperhub router’ when placing your order.

If you have a Hyperoptic socket already installed but no router, please don’t select ‘I have a Hyperhub router’ when placing your order. We’ll send you one as soon as possible. As long as you connect it within 24 hours of receiving it, your service should go live right away (or on the day of your desired activation).

How to set up our Hyperhub router at home?

In most cases, our engineer will set up the Hyperhub during your socket installation, so you can start enjoying your connection right away, fuss-free.

Setting up your Nokia Hyperhub
Setting up your ZTE H298A Hyperhub
Setting up your ZTE H3600 Hyperhub
Setting up your Zyxel EX5601 Hyperhub
Setting up your Zyxel EX3301 Hyperhub

Not sure which Hyperhub you have? Check them out here

How to set up Hyperhub router at home How to set up Hyperhub router at home

Most popular FAQs

So that we can give you the most relevant information,
please let us know what kind of building you live in.
If you live in an apartment building or block of flats,
please select “I live in an apartment building”.
If you live in a house or a flat within a house, please
select “I live in a house”. If you’re not sure, get in touch.