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What is satellite broadband?

What is satellite broadband?

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Unfortunately, not every property can be connected to superfast fibre broadband. That’s where other types of broadband come in – including satellite.

What is meant be satellite broadband?

Satellite broadband is internet service delivered using a wireless connection through a satellite dish.

It’s a broadband option for those who can’t get access to traditional fixed line broadband (like full fibre or ADSL) because of where they live – in rural or remote areas, for example.

How does satellite broadband work?

To get satellite broadband, you’d need a satellite dish (similar to a TV dish) installed on your house. This would receive broadband signal from a separate satellite in geostationary orbit (circling Earth).

It’s worth noting that this equipment set-up, as well as maintenance, can get quite expensive (going up to hundreds of pounds).

What speed is satellite internet?

Similar to other types of broadband, the speeds available on satellite broadband depend on the provider you pick and the packages they offer. They will also vary depending on how many people are using the connection and what it’s being used for.

What is a good speed for satellite speed?

Although satellite speeds can vary, traditional services can provide download speeds between 10-30Mbps, depending on the provider.

What is the fastest satellite speed?

Some newer providers now claim to offer speeds of up to 300Mbps, which is significantly faster than the UK average.

However, 300Mbps is still far behind the kind of gigabit speeds offered by hyperfast full fibre broadband. It’s also important to consider the high latency that satellite broadband suffers from, because of the time it takes for signals to travel between Earth and space, which can cause lag and delays.

What is the difference between satellite internet and broadband internet?

While ADSL and fibre internet is delivered using cables, and mobile internet is delivered wirelessly using cellular towers, satellite internet is delivered using satellite signals.

In general, cable internet (especially fibre) is the better broadband option, offering the fastest and most reliable connection. Satellite is generally slower and more prone to lag, can end up being more expensive due to the equipment set-up. It can also sometimes come with limits on data usage, whereas most other broadband is generally unlimited these days.

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