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10 August 2021
Hyperoptic Team

What to look for when buying a laptop

Whether you’re doing the online shop, ordering a pizza or working from home, laptops get us through day-to-day life with ease. These trusty tools last a good while, but perhaps your old favourite has lost power, it’s slowed right down, or you just fancy a change?  

Whatever your reasons are, which laptop to buy and what to look for when buying a laptop can seem a little daunting. After all, there are so many excellent ones available on the market, from Apple and HP to Dell or Acer. That’s why we’ve whittled down the options to make your laptop upgrade, switch or first-time purchase a doddle.  

So, if you need help choosing a laptop, we’re here to help. 

How to choose a laptop 

First, you’ll need to consider what you’ll require from your laptop before you buy it. This is important because everyone has different needs, so which laptop to buy depends on what you want out of your device.  

Ask yourself the following questions when you’re deciding what to look for when buying a laptop: 

  • Do you need it for work? 
  • Do you need it for university? 
  • Do you want quick video browsing? 
  • Do you travel and require a lighter laptop? 
  • Will you be using it for gaming?
  • Will the laptop’s design play an important factor in your decision? 
  • Will you be the sole person using the laptop? 

All these questions, as well as any personal preferences, are crucial to think about as you begin shopping for a new laptop. Knowing what you’re hoping for from your new device, even to a minor degree, with really help you on your way. And the more you know before you shop, the better.  

What laptop should I buy for casual browsing? 

If you have no real requirements for your laptop other than browsing, you’ll be wondering how to pick a laptop that’s right for you. You might not need the thrills and frills of a fancy laptop with a large screen and a sleek outer frame, but one that’s ideal for casual browsing. Thankfully, these are easy to find, you just need to know what to look out for when buying a laptop. 

Choosing the right laptop: Don’t instantly prioritise cheaper options 

Just because you’re a casual laptop user, doesn’t mean you should buy a cheaper device and hope for the best. The age-old saying, “buy cheap, buy twice” comes to mind here. Because no matter what you need from your laptop, you should be focused on what it offers first, and weigh up the cost of it afterwards.  

Of course, some of the cheaper laptop options are incredible. But you shouldn’t pick one that skimps on the things you really need, just because it has a lower price tag. Instead, which laptop to buy should be based on the following factors: 

  • Good durability 
  • Great battery life 
  • A favourable amount of storage 
  • A suitable screen size 

There’s no use choosing a laptop that doesn’t fulfil your requirements. Otherwise, you’ll be back to square one in a year or so, searching for the things you desperately wanted in the first place. For instance, if you’re quite a TV fanatic, and love getting stuck into a good Netflix drama, you’ll need a larger, higher resolution screen to stream videos. So, don’t settle for less … 

What laptop should I buy for gaming? 

If you’re purchasing a laptop to game on, there will be quite a few factors you’re expecting from your shiny new device. But you may be thinking: “what laptop should I buy?” because there are so many options available.  

We’d recommend looking out for the following when choosing a laptop for gaming: 

  • A comfortable keyboard – because you could spend hours gaming 
  • A powerful processer – to game speedily and seamlessly  
  • Long battery life – to ensure your game isn’t rudely interrupted 
  • Specific graphic cards – to enhance the display of graphical data 

If you’re a keen gamer, you’ll know what you want. However, you might enjoy gaming while travelling. Perhaps, then, you’ve considered buying a lighter laptop to distribute the weight when you’re carrying it? Well, we’d say it’s more important to invest in a larger laptop with more powerful hardware because of what you’ll be using it for. After all, your gaming experience won’t be the same if you don’t have the right processes to support it, and that’s your priority. 

Which laptop to buy for university? 

If you’re venturing to university, or you’re already studying and have experienced a technical malfunction of some kind, you’ll need a reliable laptop to hand. Of course, your laptop doesn’t need all the bells and whistles it would if it was being used explicitly for gaming. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t key things to consider when looking for which laptop to buy.  

The lighter the better 

As you’ll be travelling to and from the library and taking your laptop home with you during university holidays, you must buy a device that’s slim and lightweight. Nothing’s worse than lugging a hefty laptop around in your bag. So, the size and weight should be a really important factor when making your final decision.   

Lengthy battery life 

Studying and writing essays involves a lot of time spent on your laptop; meaning if you invest in a laptop with shorter battery life, you’re going to struggle. Of course, you’ll always have your mains lead to hand, but choosing a laptop with long-running battery life in the first place will avoid potential problems.  

Consider what you’re studying when choosing a laptop 

What course you’re going to study, or are currently studying, plays a big part when you’re choosing a laptop. For instance, if you’re studying graphic design, fashion or media relations, you’ll require a larger screen to work from, with a higher resolution to view pictures, graphics and videos in better detail.  

Not to mention, you may require a dual function laptop that transforms into a tablet for quick work on the go. Plus, you might need a digital pen for speedy doodles and brainstorming ideas for seminars and exam work. Also, your laptop will need more RAM and be able to withstand challenging software such as Photoshop and Adobe Creative Cloud.  

So, choosing which laptop to buy needs some careful consideration.  

Invest in a speedy broadband connection  

Once you’ve decided which laptop to buy, you’ll need an excellent broadband speed to match. Although we’re biased, our full fibre broadband is the perfect accompaniment for your new device. Simply uncover the benefits of hyperfast broadband and pick your package, now. 

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